Vicki Johnston RMT, RNCP

With over sixteen years of experience, Vicki has been combining different massage techniques and methods to obtain incredible results in treating her patients. She is board ceritified in Massage Therapy as well as Nutritional Consulting. Vicki has extensive experience and training in both areas of massage and nutrition.

Vicki has been a leader in the field of massage therapy, as she kept very up to date with the most recent approaches in massage and nutrition. Since obtaining her Nutritional Consulting diploma five years ago Vicki has consistently studied and furthered her education in the field through education, experience, and instruction.

Vicki Johnston is an RNCP and provides in-depth, customized consultations for individuals wanting to improve their health, treat their health issues, and learn how to reach their health goals.

For five years Vicki attended Alive Academy where she studied nutrition and prior to that she worked as an RMT. She has found her knowledge and education in the field of education has supplemented her treatments and increased the benefits of her massage therapy. Vicki's experience and passion for nutrition has increased her ability to aid her clients healing through treatment and health eating.

"Having grown up on the SAD diet, I began to see the negative effects on my body at a young age. I believe that at any age or state of health you can always improve. Nutrition is a very important aspect in the journey to optimal health."


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