Vicki keeps all supplements in the massage room and during massages, has recommened several products. I have just started taking Maca powder in the last couple weeks. I seem to have more energy and get through the day without having to have a nap. I have been suffering from chronic pain for around a year and a half and am feeling better than I have for a while


     My son struggled with eczema every summer for years and it was very uncomfortable when we would be outside in the heat. I had seen our doctor and searched many different ideas online. I tried both medical and non-medical treatments but it didn't really help. Vicki saw his eczema and suggested I try her clay and follow up with a natural oil. Within a week, I couldn't believe the difference. This was the first time we were able to get rid of his eczema after 3 years of trying. Amazing!!!!!

Tammy W.

     In June 2015 I was diagnosed with vertigo in the ER by the doctor. My symptoms were dizziness, vomiting, loss of balance, very weak. I was bed ridden for 3 days. All the doctor could recommend was exersises for vertigo and that was it. Vicki recommended I may be lacking in magnesium, which may be causing my sickness. I applied the magnesium oil that she recommened to my neck and within 2 hours all my dizziness left me and no more vomiting, and feeling great! To this day I take magnesium supplements and have never had any more vertigo. Thank you Vicki.

Wayne J.

     I was scheduled for surgery and went for my pre-op assessment a few days before. The surgeon said my blood work showed that my potassium was too low to have the surgery, I was to go back for bloodwork in 3 days. Vicki dropped off abottle of liquid materials, which I started taking that day. By Sunday, when I went back to see if my potassium had come up enough for the surgeon. It was now on the higher end of what they wanted (which is not a bad thing), I was able to have surgery and now take the minerals every day.

Heather H.

     My leg had swelled up and was extremely painful and inflamed. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Cellulitis. He put me on oral and IV antibiotics. By the 8th day on the antibiotics, there was no improvement. Vicki recommended I put a clay mask on my leg. After the first mask treatment my leg inflammation was decreased by half and the pain decreased enough so I could sleep. By the 3rd day my Cellulitis was cleared up and pain free. It has never returned. Thank you Vicki for helping me heal naturally.

Gord B.

     Vicki helped me with my seasonal allergies. I would suffer for weeks before. She suggested I try bentonite clay and it helped the first day. My sinuses were clear and I felt better than ever and had tons of energy!

Shawna B.

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